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About Us

About Us


When we say "Training Units & Curriculum Designed by Instructors", we mean it.

Mobile Modular Training Systems were originally conceived by an electro mechanical instructor team at a premier technical college in the United States. As a group of professional engineers now working together as technical college instructors, the team experienced concerns regarding the current curriculum and physical training equipment being used in their classrooms and labs. 

Critical Industry Feedback

Further research and feedback from industry partners confirmed that program graduates were entering the manufacturing workforce with skills falling short of employee needs. The current curriculum and physical training equipment needed to be improved.

When You Want Something Done Right

The team began working to engineer their own physical training units and developed accompanying curriculum that together supported the needs of industry while providing better outcomes for their students. The physical training units were smaller, portable, and modular. This allowed them to be easily moved from classroom to classroom bringing the training to the learner instead of being limited to a single lab or tech hall. The modular design provided connectivity between training units allowing for increased training and skills as the learners progressed, and the consistency in design, footprint and accompanying curriculum reduced costs which expanded availability.

Mobile Modular is Born

The resulting training units, exclusive design and curriculum have been licensed and trademarked as Mobile Modular Training Systems, and are now available to the K12/High School, College, University and Industry.


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